Moving out of LJ
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I know it's very unlikely that much of anyone is reading this, but if you are, welcome! And also, I've moved.

I was able to import all my archives to a blog host called Dreamwidth, which is actually pretty similar to LJ. As a result, I'm planning to delete all my previous posts here.

Will I post over there? Well, probably not, though sometimes I should remember I have that option when I feel like saying something that I really can't say on Facebook because of some of the people I might be friends with.

I changed my user name, too. I was never wedded to this one. Damanda was a nickname Sheila gave me over a decade ago and while I admit that it can be apropos at times, I've never liked it. But every other name that I tried when I first signed up for this account was taken and I finally gave up and went with this one. The new user name at the new blog is sal_amanda.

So if you wish to find me, or read any of the unintentionally hilarious posts from my mid-20s, head on over to


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